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Shenzhen Yixin Information Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Yixin Technology) is committed to self-service integrated solution, self-service information technology research and development, self-service terminal design, production and other product customization services. The company has a number of experienced design engineers, and has many years of European product service experience. According to customer concept requirements, design functions, configuration optimization, shape design, structure design, whole machine production for customers. Overseas product services are distributed in Germany, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, India, Egypt and other places. The products cover social security, hospitals, cinemas, supermarkets, restaurants, airports, banks, entertainment and other industries.
One core science and technology in the following: people-oriented, carefully designed human-machine information interaction; Customer first, quick response to customer requirements, from design to production control costs; Quality first, delivery of customer satisfaction products.
One core technology upholds the concept of "integrity, team, innovation" and sincerely serves you!
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